Howdy, I’m Emma! 

This website is one component of my Ohio Plants course. If you’re a fellow student, hi! Aren’t you excited for this class? What’s better than getting to learn about the more-than-human world around us? If you’re not from my class but you somehow managed to find this page, welcome!

I’m a fourth year studying ecology and evolution, along with a minor in studio art. As an ecology major, the most amazing thing I’ve learned is that every time the natural world behaves in a way we don’t expect, it is showing us a way of approaching a problem that we hadn’t considered before. I’m in the process of applying to graduate programs to explore how we can use biomimicry as a way to establish reciprocal relationships between man made and natural structures, in order to build for mutually assured climate resilience. Ecosystems are more than the sum of their parts, and there is strength in connection. How can we learn from the interactions between organisms at this level in order to foster our own positive connections with our surroundings? As apart of this goal, I want to learn more about the hands-in-the-dirt details of ecology alongside the more theoretical ones. A day spent in the studio creating and a day spent outside in the mud both sound great to me!

I’m super excited to meet my plant neighbors as a part of this course, and I’ll be sure to share some of what I learn here! Some of my favorite plant friends include spotted lady’s thumb, cottonwoods,  and many lichens, pines, and vines whose names I don’t know yet (and can’t wait to learn)!