Hello, my name is Marcus and welcome to my early-2010’s-style very exciting webpage chronicling my discoveries for Ohio Plants!¬†

I am a third year Evolution & Ecology major interested in plant science, conservation, invasive species, and other fun ecological subjects. This summer I worked as an Outreach Educator for Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and found that my knowledge of plants, especially Ohio natives, was nowhere near what I would like it to be! This course will broaden my understanding of Ohio plants and make me a valuable source of unwanted information to passers-by on local trails (“Hey, did you see all the galls on that Oak tree?? Oh alright then have a nice day!”).

I don’t know what I am interested in as a career following graduation, and I have a career crisis every three weeks. I hope this class pushes me in the direction of a Botany career!

Go Bucks.

My “coat of arms” on the Home page is explained below.

The symbol on my coat of arms is a rubber duck wearing a bicycle helmet, representative of my rolling all around campus this fall. My duck is my ward, my protector, and my inspiration and I will be heartbroken if someone steals him from my bike handlebars while I am in class this semester.

My motto is “Strength, Determination, Just a smidgen of DNA” which is from my favorite movie, Megamind, and is an appropriate motivation for a life sciences major struggling to make it through physics this semester. Perhaps the solution is to create a super hero to do physics for me.