Hello, my name is Stephen! I am currently a student at The Ohio State University studying Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife. With growing up in a large ravine during my childhood mixed with my education, trees are definitely my favorite side of botany! Some of my favorite trees are white oaks, red pine, and the Arizona Cyprus. I am extremely looking forward to other plants the world of botany has to offer, especially wildflowers, as I have recently begun digging into the world of dahlias! After graduating this upcoming spring I am trying to get a job with the US Forestry department, hopefully somewhere out west. My dream job would be either a Snow Ranger in the USFS (backcountry EMS on ski resorts as well as avalanche crew), or running my own tree farm with many possible products. I hope this class gives me a deeper insight into the world of plants beyond just trees, gaining more of an appreciation for the more beautiful and fascinating world of botany.

For my coat of arms, I chose the original Columbus Blue Jackets’ logo to be my insignia, since they are my favorite professional sports team that I’ve grown up watching. The quote that I wrote for my motto is a famous quote that means a lot to me and a past friend, reading “courage is NOT the absence of fear”. I grew up in a quasi-suburb of Columbus know as Clintonville, and the mountains in the back are obviously not from Ohio but the reason for my interest in my studies. The last slice of my coat is signifying my major, FFW, and my focus on forestry and wildlife.